Friday, September 7, 2012

Portals of Princeton: Escape hatch

Princeton Junction train station. Portal to the world beyond (and great for cases of wanderlust).
~Have an adventurous weekend!~


Tanya said...

cool shot!! i hope to have an adventurous weekend!! hope you do too!

Adele said...

Awesome! Makes me want to go somewhere exotic!

LOLfromPasa said...

You have yourself a great weekend too. Perfect photograph for black and white.

(I have left you a message on my Lady Godiva posting. I will be taking some time off next week to go watch some professional golf. Need some tips:) on my golf game. See you soon.)

a.s.m. said...

Muy buena¡ con un punto de fuga prometedor hacia la aventura
del viaje.., de escapar.., a otro plano luminoso y feliz.
Tiene equilibrio y el B&N está muy bien.
Un saludo: Angel Sánchez


Tanya - thanks so much! Have a fun and safe weekend!

Adele - heehee, whenever I get those feelings, this is the first place to go :)

LOLfromPasa - thank you! Have a wonderful break (just popped over to yours :)

asm - thank you! This place really is a starting point for any adventure in the world :)

Dianne said...

Oh! I would take the tickets for New York lane .... Just a short train ride and then I'd be walking down the Avenues.

LOLfromPasa said...

Well now I am popping back :). I joined CDP in April and really didn't get into the swing of things until later on. It is amazing that about that time you were in my neighborhood. Amazing! (Bet you have a train to catch soon. Cheers!)

Catherine Goron said...

LOVE this black and white Lulu! Such an inviting photo,... makes me want to hop a train to NYC! Bon week-end ;)

☆•.¸.Mildred.¸.•☆ said...

Great composition and very nice B&W!
Thanks for sharing;o)

Have a nice weekend****

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Tres cool shot Lulu, love the composition and the choice of B&W. Like Dianne I'd be hopping on the NY line, I'm sure there would definitely be some adventures to be had there!

Randy said...

Great looking b&w.


Dianne - one of my favorite things to do!

LOLfromPasa - ah, it's too bad I wasn't as tuned into things either in April! I had a grand time in Kenilworth, you have beautiful countryside near you, and I hope for a return visit one day!

Catherine - thank you so much, hard to resist NYC train-hopping :) Hope you had a great wkd!

Mildred - thank you and hope you had a nice weekend!

PerthDailyPhoto - thanks so much! Who can resist when NYC is so near :) Many adventures for sure!

Randy - thank you!

EG CameraGirl said...

Ah! I'd love to go through that portal!